May 2019 Après ski with Orderman5

Staff at the Seiterhütte ski hut in the Austrian Alps keep operations running smoothly with the reliable Orderman system – for 15 hours a day.

The Seiterhütte ski hut located in the popular Austrian ski resort Schladming welcomes guests off the ski slopes all day long, from 9 am until midnight. With a restaurant seating 280, an après ski bar seating 100 and a huge outdoor terrace seating a whopping 600 customers, it is a challenge to keep everything running smoothly.

To lead a successful operation, a fast and reliable ordering system is just as essential as running water and electricity. For this reason, the Seiterhütte ski hut chose to go with a professional Orderman radio ordering system, tailored to their individual needs.

“The Orderman radio ordering system is 100% functional and reliable. Mobile phones using Wifi will never be as reliable as the Orderman radio”, says Markus Reiter, owner of the Seiterhütte ski hut.

Orderman channel partner Hogatron installed a total of nine Orderman5+ devices, nine belt printers, one Columbus800 POS, one Columbus500 POS, four Orderman5 dual chargers and five Base Station4’s. Both POS systems are running Eucasoft software by Itas. The Orderman5 mobile ordering devices are especially helpful when taking orders outside on the terrace. In combination with the belt printers, staff are able to provide faster service whilst saving time and energy by reducing walking distances. Further, the display on the Orderman5 can be read clearly, even in direct sunlight.

“The hardware components are perfectly in tune with each other and the entire work process runs much smoother – from ordering to billing. The Orderman5 devices as well as the POS systems are very user-friendly, completely reliable and extremely durable. Our guests are very satisfied because they now receive their food and drinks faster than before. All in all, switching to the Orderman system has led to significant increase in revenue and customer satisfaction”, Mr. Reiter adds.

Markus Reiter has a summer hut in the area, which is also equipped with an Orderman system.

March 2019 The unbeatable Orderman POS portfolio 2019

The right POS system for every restaurant business: The Orderman POS portfolio for 2019 leaves nothing to be desired.

Toward the end of last year Orderman launched a number of exciting new POS systems: With the new flagship Columbus900, the all-rounder NCR EX15 and the space-saving Orderman PX10, Orderman has created an especially attractive portfolio for its customers to start off the year 2019. This great choice of products makes Orderman the ideal solution for every restaurant business.

Those requiring high performance, unique design and extensive features will be more than satisfied with the Columbus900. The new flagship has plenty of power to meet the requirements of even the most demanding restaurant owner.

The all-rounder NCR EX15 offers the benefits of an Orderman system at a particularly customer-friendly price. Additionally, its versatile installation options allow for customized solutions.

The Orderman PX10 is the space-saver of the Orderman family. Slim, durable and versatile, this POS is perfectly suited for hospitality or retail businesses requiring a small footprint.

Each NCR Orderman POS has its specific benefits, but they all have one thing in common: they are high-quality premium products, built specifically for the restaurant industry. The durable components used guarantee an especially long service life. Further, the Columbus900 and the Orderman PX10 come with a 2-year all-in warranty, which can be extended for up to 6 years.

All NCR POS systems work seamlessly with our mobile ordering devices Orderman5 and Orderman7, providing you with a highly stable and customizable solution you can rely on.

December 2018 New to Orderman: Kitchen Monitors for Professionals

This perfect addition to the Orderman system makes restaurant workflows more efficient.

Orderman has expanded its portfolio for hospitality professionals! We now offer a high-end, purpose-built kitchen monitor by Cuisinno to complement our POS and radio ordering systems.

Specifically designed to facilitate team tasks in the demanding environment of a professional kitchen, the Cuisinno kitchen monitor offers a great number of advantages:

  • Ensure smooth communication between guests, waiters and the kitchen team, as data is exchanged with the POS system in real time.
  • Eliminate delays and misunderstandings due to noise, making restaurant operations more efficient.
  • Present orders visually to make it easier for individual team members to follow their respective tasks. This way, everyone can start preparing before the waiter has even returned to the kitchen.

All in all, the use of a high-end kitchen monitor reduces stress and misunderstandings amongst staff, facilitates an even workload and increases productivity.

Warranty: Cuisinno kitchen monitors are sold with a 1-year warranty, which can be extended to either 3 or 5 years.

Download the brochure.

For more information, contact an Orderman partner in your area.

November 2018 Orderman Partners at the “Alles fuer den Gast” Trade Fair

„Alles für den Gast” is the most popular trade fair for the restaurant and hospitality industry in the entire Danube, Alpine and Adriatic region.

With over 700 exhibitors spread out across 15 expo halls and some 46,000 attendees, this event is an outstanding opportunity to introduce new products, meet with international business partners and win new customers.

Here is a list of all partners representing Orderman at the “Alles für den Gast” trade fair:




APRO Kassensysteme GmbH



BHS Datensysteme GmbH



Eder EDV Organisations Ges.m.b.H



Ennstal IT GmbH



Enrico Giacomuzzi GmbH



GMS IT für Hotellerie&Gastronomie



Gewinnblick Kassensysteme Ebner



Linecker Kassensysteme & Hotelsoftware



NOVACOM Software GmbH



POSTRONIK Datensysteme GmbH & H S T Datensysteme



Rager & Partner/Viertl Computersysteme/Schnepf Computerkassen/Kitz Computer + Office GmbH



Repoint GmbH EDV-Beratung



Tipos Kassensysteme & Redl Gastrosystems



Trilex GmbH/Tipos West



W.E Blaschitz Computer-Dispensing-Systems



Your Profit - Mohamed R. Mohideen




We are looking forward to seeing you all there! Good luck to all partners taking part in the expo and thank you for representing Orderman.

July 2018 How Was Orderman Founded?

Orderman turns 25 this year! But how did the idea for radio ordering develop in the first place?

Salzburg, 1993. It is a hot summer evening in early August, and three young inventors – Alois, Franz and Gottfried – are seated in their favorite (overcrowded) beer garden. They are planning on joining forces to develop an innovative new product together. They aren’t sure what it will be yet, but they know they want to create something that will provide a real, unquestionable advantage. Something that will improve the world, even if it is just in a small way.

28°C make people thirsty... and impatient

Because it is hard to think clearly with a dry throat and an empty stomach, they signal their server Lena that they are ready to order. After a while she notices them, and they ask for their usual beers, along with a traditional farmer’s plate of cold cuts. None of them are aware at that point, that this particular order will lead to the founding of Orderman. The wait for their beers on this balmy summer evening seems unbearably long. It was this experience that served as inspiration for today’s renowned “radio ordering” solution...

Service Staff – Stressed and Overwhelmed

Twenty minutes for a beer? Sure, it’s peak time but service should be faster, right? The three men observe their server’s movements closely and quickly find the bottleneck – it's the server herself! She is totally overwhelmed, rushing from table to table, and doesn’t have a second to share orders with her colleagues behind the bar and in the kitchen. She dashes to table 1, scribbles the orders on a notepad, runs to table 2 and takes more orders, then guests at tables 3 and 4 wish to order as well. Under such stress, it takes her far too long to reach their table.In the 15 minutes of hectic running from one customer to the next, not a single order has reached the kitchen or bar yet. Only once Lena has entered the orders from all four tables in to the POS terminal, do the orders go to the kitchen and bar printers. Now her colleagues can finally get to work.

Eliminate Waiting Times!

The three inventors agree on one thing: They have to help overwhelmed Lena! If they could find a way to get her order to the bar and kitchen without delay, Lena would be less stressed and her guests would receive their beer and food without delay. This could be a product to match their taste: a world without unnecessarily long waits for orders. Lena and her fellow servers could then focus on the most important thing: making their customers happy!

From an Idea to Global Leader

That’s how the idea for radio ordering was born. The three founders quickly recorded their idea on a beer coaster and after a year of hard work and intense testing, they held the first Orderman prototype in their hands. And 25 years later? Today, NCR Orderman is the global market leader in radio ordering solutions, providing the hospitality business with a wide range of highly reliable, long-lasting handhelds and POS systems.

Lena’s daughter also works as a server – but instead of a notepad she uses the new Orderman5 – and she would never trade it in for anything else!

June 2018 Orderman7 sorgt für effizienten Service

Besonders wenn viele verschiedene Speisen auf einmal bestellt werden, ist es eine Herausforderung alles pünktlich an den Tisch zu bringen. Iain Gallie, Operations Manager im Mezzidakia, hat sich deshalb für den Orderman7...

Mit einem Besuch im Mezzidakia begibt man sich auf eine kulinarische Reise durch den östlichen Mittelmeerraum. Das Restaurant ist das neueste von insgesamt sechs Standorten und führt das beliebte Ostmediterrane Konzept fort. Direkt in der Innenstadt von Glasgow gelegen, sorgen unverwechselbare Aromen aus der Türkei, Marokko, dem Libanon, Persien und Griechenland für hervorragende Speisen im Tapas-Stil.

Um das Erlebnis für jeden Gast zu perfektionieren, hat sich Operations Manager Iain Gallie für Orderman entschieden. Sechs Orderman7 Geräte mit Software von ICR Touch wurden von unserem Partner Alliance Till Systems installiert, um der mediterranen Gastfreundschaft auf allen Ebenen gerecht zu werden.

„Neben einem ausgezeichneten Essen legen unsere Gäste großen Wert darauf, dass alle Speisen pünktlich an den Tisch gebracht werden. Das erfordert gutes Service-Personal und die richtigen Arbeitsgeräte, damit sie ihren Job machen können. Wir haben ein mobiles Bestell-System gesucht das funktioniert – wir wollten auf keinen Fall etwas mit WLAN. Wir hatten schon einmal eine WLAN-Lösung in einem unserer anderen Restaurants ausprobiert, aber die ist ständig ausgefallen. Bei Alliance Till Systems, dem Händler unseres Vertrauens, wurden wir gut beraten und sind mit der Wahl des Orderman Gastro-Funks sehr zufrieden“, sagt Iain Gallie.

Er erzählt zudem, dass die Orderman-Lösung sein Service-Personal viel näher an die Gäste bringt, da keiner mehr an die Registrierkasse muss, um Bestellungen einzugeben. Auch die Strapazierfähigkeit und einfache Bedienung der Orderman7 Handhelds macht die Lösung zu einer nachhaltigen Investition, die sich lohnt.

Mehr Infos zum Orderman7 finden Sie hier.

March 2018 Orderman5 auf Europatour

Den Orderman5 gab es schon auf den wichtigsten Messen in Deutschland, Italien, Spanien und Frankreich zu sehen!

Prototypen des Orderman5 gab es für die Öffentlichkeit erstmals Anfang Februar auf der Intergastra in Stuttgart zu sehen. Besucher hatten die Möglichkeit, insgesamt 30 Stück an den Messeständen unserer ausstellenden Partner in der Hand zu halten und auszuprobieren.

Fast zeitgleich fand die Expo Riva Hotel am Gardasee statt, die seit über 40 Jahren als eine der meistbesuchten Messen für Gastronomie und professionelles Catering im europäischen Raum gilt. Hier wurde der Orderman5 von unseren italienischen Kollegen präsentiert.

In Spanien hatte der Orderman5 gleich zwei Messeeinsätze, einmal auf der Hotel- und Restaurant-Messe H & T in Málaga und ein zweites Mal auf der Hospitality Innovation Planet Madrid. Beide Messen sind internationale Branchentreffpunkte mit Fokus auf die aktuellsten Top-Themen und Innovationen.

Auch in Frankreich wurde der Orderman5 auf zwei Messen präsentiert: Einmal auf der Agecotel in Nizza und ein zweites Mal auf der Salon Breizh in Rennes. Auf beiden Messen dreht sich alles um Hotel-, Handels- und Kollektivgastronomie. Besucher verschafften sich hier einen Überblick über die neuesten Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Trends von morgen. Schließlich sorgte der Orderman5 auf der EuroCIS in Düsseldorf für Furore und zuletzt ging es mit dem Orderman5 auf die Internorga nach Hamburg!

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