Orderman System

The all-in-one solution for your restaurant.

Whether you operate a restaurant, café, bar or ice cream parlor, your guests expect fast, friendly and reliable service. The prerequisite is seamless ordering and billing processes. Orderman provides you with the equipment you need to meet these requirements.

Simple and efficient

The most flexible ordering system of all.

You’ll no longer have to deal with awkward fiddling with pen and paper pad, and you’ll avoid any related delays. Orders are captured easily and efficiently using the handheld, and are sent via Orderman Secure Radio to the kitchen and bar. Assemble your versatile and user-friendly total system with your regional Orderman partner.

Advantages of the Orderman System

Choose professional service.

Orderman customers know that average turnover increases of 10% are a reality. The second an order is placed, it is transmitted to where it needs to be: the kitchen or the bar. Meanwhile the serving staff can stay where they need to be: with the guests. With more time to serve people, sales inevitably rise.

Since point-of-sale functions are carried out using the actual hand-held Orderman unit; there’s no longer any need to enter orders using a touch-screen terminal. As a result, more time can be devoted to serving the guests.

Serving staff no longer need to leave the table to fetch the receipt. Instead, the guest check is printed directly at the table from an Orderman hip printer. This saves even more time for the waiters and for the guests.

All orders and cancellations are agreed with the guest and immediately confirmed on the Orderman display. Communication errors are eliminated, which reduces the stress level for service personnel. Guests are happier too, because they always get exactly what they ordered. Voiding, “comping” and splitting checks is easy and fast.

Thanks to significant time savings, service staff can focus on sales. Walking is reduced by up to 40%, which means they can serve 25% more guests on average.

A continual flow of incoming orders gives the kitchen a time benefit of around 6–10 minutes compared to conventional fixed tills.

Every transaction – from orders and cancellations to amendments – is logged in a journal, along with the time it was performed. Lost transactions are a thing of the past.

The guest specifies the type of bill required; all bills can be split as many ways as necessary.

The perfect solution for every restaurant

Getting ahead with market leadership.

The Orderman radio ordering system has one crucial advantage over competitive systems: it was specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Orderman is the only company in the entire world whose entire focus is on developing reliable, durable, secure and easy to use pay- and print-at-the-table POS terminals and handhelds. Orderman set the standard in terms of user friendliness and flexibility – standards that are often imitated but never bettered. We can confidently claim to be the market leader – and when you take a closer look at the hospitality industry, you’ll share our confidence.

Professional Resellers

Competent Consulting for hospitality professionals.

The proximity and professionalism of our POS terminal dealers ensures you receive individual service and short response times. We will be happy to recommend an Orderman partner close to you, contact us anytime.

Care & Care Gold

The all-in Orderman warranty.

The Care & Care Gold warranty from Orderman is unique in the industry. With the Orderman Care & Care Gold service products, you’ll protect yourself over many years against unplanned breakdowns and expensive repairs. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty.