Radio ordering

Profit from our closed system.

All hospitality businesses can benefit from using our Orderman radio ordering system. No matter what size your business is, using the Orderman radio ordering system will increase efficiency, save time and give you more control over your workflow. This is important for the success of every restaurant business, whether large or small.

The Orderman Benefit Calculator
How can I benefit from radio ordering?
Simply put: it will bring you more profit. To illustrate the concept, you can easily calculate your personal benefit here. You will, for example, have more time to actively look after your guests.
“Would you like cake and coffee?”
How many more deserts can you sell per day?
Adjust the calculation to your business using the sliders!
+18.000 / year
“Sorry boss, I forgot the order”
is a thing of the past! Forgotten orders resulting from time pressure can be reduced to a minimum:
+18.000 / year
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A radio ordering system is most effective where used to divide tasks between the sales and service personnel. In practice, this means that the sales specialists can stay with the guests, placing orders and taking payments – in short, keeping a firm grip on their field of responsibility at all times. They are supported by runners, who bring the orders to the guests and clear the tables after they leave, turning them faster and generating more revenue.

This approach to the job produces numerous benefits. Whichever way you look at it, the deployment of a radio ordering system pays off in a very short time.

More time

Service specialists are able to remain just where they are needed most: with the guests. The result is less wasted effort, no crowding around a terminal - and more time to take orders, generate sales and help customers.

More turnover

Time savings mean that waiters serve more people, and pay more attention to guests. Projected over the whole year, individual diners having an extra item or beverage makes a huge difference; sales increases of at least 10 percent are the norm. What's more, incorrect and missed orders become a thing of the past.

More customer satisfaction

Word soon gets around that guests prefer establishments that use Orderman. Orders are served faster, there's no waiting for the bill and guests simply enjoy good food, good drinks and excellent service. When guests are happy they spend more, visit more often and recommend you to others.

More savings through greater efficiency

In most restaurants, 80% of sales are made in 20% of the time. More efficient serving processes and greater continuity at the bar and in the kitchen are therefore invaluable. Fast, accurate billing at the diners' tables is another advantage: all meals and drinks are registered with precision, and a clearly itemized bill appears from a hip printer at the touch of a button. Nothing is missed and no payment errors are made.

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