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Schweizerhaus Vienna

Tradition meets technology in the Schweizerhaus Vienna.

The famous Schweizerhaus in Vienna opened its doors for the 93rd time last spring – but this year with Europe‘s largest Orderman7 installation! The beer garden has a total of 2,150 seats and the waiters, often laden with up to 20 beer mugs, walk up to 20 kilometers a day. Naturally, an operation of this
size requires perfect timing, optimized processes and reliable POS systems in the background. Last March our Austrian partner BHS Datensysteme, led by Michael Breckner, installed the Orderman system running a PC-Cash software solution. Since then, all Schweizerhaus
waiters have been equipped with an Orderman7 and belt printer. In addition to the 55 Orderman7 handhelds and belt printers, the Schweizerhaus also purchased 25 new POS systems which, together with 13 OMB4s, have provided for rapid and reliable operation, as well as quick billing for the more than 2,000 daily beer garden guests.

Schweizerhaus Beer Garden
Prater 116, 1020 Vienna
55 Orderman7, 25 POS
Installation: BHS Datensysteme

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