NCR Orderman

POS in a compact design.

The Orderman PX-Series POS terminal works in perfect harmony with all of our other Orderman products, such as our handheld devices. Our POS and handheld devices are technically in synch, which ensures that you have an especially stable system that you can rely on.

The Orderman PX-Series has been specifically designed for businesses with limited space requirements. Despite its compact design, this small POS system withstands all the strains of everyday restaurant use.

The Orderman PX10/PX15 offers numerous interfaces, which enable you to install all sorts of add-ons and upgrades. This makes the system highly flexible and renewable.

The Orderman PX10/PX15 is made of particularly high-quality construction components to ensure a long service life. Further, the screen is splash-proof and shock-resistant.

A 2-year Care warranty is included in the price of an Orderman PX10/PX15 POS system. The warranty can be extended for up to 6 years.

NCR Orderman PX-Series

Compact and durable.

The Orderman PX-Series is characterized by its compact design and incredible flexibility. Slim, durable and versatile, this POS is perfectly suited for hospitality or retail businesses requiring a small footprint. Modern interfaces ensure the PX-Series stays sustainable and future-oriented, whilst its solid construction guarantees a long service life. The fanless design and lack of moving parts make it wellequipped to withstand even the roughest handling. Featuring the latest processor technology, the PX-Series guarantees a smooth workflow with the software of your choice. The capacitive full HD display in a 16:9 format is available in two sizes (10.1” and 15.6”) and ensures you have enough screen-space to keep an eye on all your most important information. This reliable service device is sold with a 2-year Care warranty, which can be extended for up to 6 years of Care Gold warranty. Every Orderman product is a sustainable investment from which you will benefit for many years.

POS Accessories

Optional accessories for your individual requirements.

2x20 Character Customer Display

2-in-1 Waiter Key

MSR Card Reader

3D Imager

X-Series Customer Display

Orderman System Benefits

Purpose built for the hospitality industry.

Whether you operate a restaurant, café, bar or ice cream parlor, your guests expect fast, friendly and reliable service. The prerequisite is seamless ordering and billing processes. NCR Orderman provides you with the equipment you need to meet these requirements: long-lasting POS terminals, handheld ordering systems and practical accessories. From these components, we developed the Orderman system, which we invented more than 25 years ago and have continuously developed.

POS Kassen und Handhelds: NCR Orderman – speziell für die Gastronomie

Care & Care Gold

The all-in NCR Orderman warranty.

The Care & Care Gold warranty from NCR Orderman is unique in the industry. With the Orderman Care & Care Gold service products, you’ll protect yourself over many years against unplanned breakdowns and expensive repairs. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty.