Your professional restaurant device.

Purpose-built for the restaurant industry

Metal chassis guarantees durability

Especially energy efficient thanks to mobile processors

Fan-less with the latest technology

Unique accessories for individual requirements

Up to 5 years Care Gold warranty.


Your professional restaurant device.

The latest generation of Orderman POS systems offers tried and tested Orderman quality, flexible options, and state-of-the-art technology at a great price-performance ratio. NCR CX3 was developed exclusively for everyday use in the restaurant industry – and it shows with every touch.

Thanks to its powerful performance, everything runs even more smoothly than before. Because the CX3 was designed to be energy efficient, however, it uses very little power. The durable metal housing also guarantees a long service life – NCR CX3 is virtually indestructible. What makes this cash register perfect for any restaurant business is the wide range of Orderman accessories that are unique to the Orderman brand, such as the popular 2-in1 waiter’s lock in both Addimat and Dallas format. The simple wall mount option makes the NCR CX3 an even more flexible tool for your business.

POS Accessories

Optional accessories for your individual needs.

2x20 Character Customer Display

2-in-1 Waiter Lock

MSR Card Reader

3D Imager

X-Series Customer Display

VESA Pole Mount

2-in-1 Waiter Lock

XL Customer Display

Orderman System Benefits

Purpose built for the hospitality industry.

Whether you operate a restaurant, café, bar or ice cream parlor, your guests expect fast, friendly and reliable service. The prerequisite is seamless ordering and billing processes. NCR Orderman provides you with the equipment you need to meet these requirements: long-lasting POS terminals, handheld ordering systems and practical accessories. From these components, we developed the Orderman system, which we invented more than 25 years ago and have continuously developed.

POS Kassen und Handhelds: NCR Orderman – speziell für die Gastronomie

Care & Care Gold

The all-in NCR Orderman warranty.

The Care & Care Gold warranty from NCR Orderman is unique in the industry. With the Orderman Care & Care Gold service products, you’ll protect yourself over many years against unplanned breakdowns and expensive repairs. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty.