NCR Columbus900: The Orderman Flagship


Elegance in a Classic Columbus-Design

Columbus900 is the top cash register developed by NCR Orderman. Its high-level performance fulfills all the needs of our most demanding customers. Further, it maintains the unique Orderman design, which looks very elegant in every catering environment. Fanless, with intelligent cable guiding and a True Flat Display, the Columbus900 ensures your workplace remains clean and tidy at all times.

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The Orderman Columbus POS Series

Columbus900 is the latest addition to a long-established line of POS systems, which has become very popular over the years. Besides being extraordinarily reliable and easy to use, hospitality professionals appreciate the durability and longevity of these cash registers.

Highlights Overview

Top Performance

The Columbus900 POS cash register is equipped with an Intel Quad Core processor, enabling it to fulfill the needs of our most demanding customers.

Excellent Connectivity

With its many interfaces, the Columbus900 cash register enables a variety of extensions, thus allowing itself to be easily adjusted to your current and future needs.

Guaranteed Quality

With the purchase of an Orderman POS cash register, you receive an inclusive two–year Care Guarantee, which can be extended to six years. Orderman Care is your guarantee for the greatest operational security and the best service.

Handheld Ready

Together, the Columbus900 cash register and the Orderman handheld units form the perfect team for the hospitality industry.

Intelligent Cable Guiding

Thanks to intelligent cable guiding, all disturbing cabling vanishes inside the cash register.

True Flat Display

Columbus900's True Flat Display is a breeze to keep clean and hygenic. All Orderman POS systems are especially designed for the demanding hospitality industry.

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