Columbus500: Timeless, versatile and dynamic




For successful hospitality professionals

Columbus500 has a lot to offer: The POS terminal's powerful processor ensures a fast and smooth workflow, while the seamless interaction with the Orderman handhelds guarantees flexible applications. With its timeless design and integrated cable management, Columbus500 fits in almost anywhere.

The dust- and waterproof screen, as well as the sturdy construction, makes the Columbus500 a durable partner to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use in a restaurant. In fact, we did not use any moving parts in our design, which means Columbus500 is one of the most reliable and stable POS terminals in the sector.

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The flexible pro POS terminal

Columbus500 fits your personal needs. Thanks to a number of ports and a broad range of high-quality accessories such as printers, customer displays, built-in handheld routers and more, this POS terminal can be transformed into a customized solution.

An optional integrated 2-in-1 waiter lock allows for an even higher degree of customization. Each Columbus500 comes standard equipped with an RFID reader for Ordercard and NFC, which makes it especially well-suited for customer loyalty programs or for use in spas, clubs and discos. The direct connection to the Orderman Base Station3 provides for an out-of-the-box startup of the highly stable Orderman radio network.

Benefits at a glance

Hassle-free warranty

Buyers of Columbus500 systems benefit, like any Orderman POS system, from an all-inclusive, hassle-free warranty that can be extended up to six years.

Personalized solution

The numerous interfaces to your bar system, printer, etc., make Columbus500 extremely flexible. The offering is rounded out by a wide range of intelligent options and accessories.


Sturdy and durable

The dust and waterproof 15" TFT-LCD screen also withstands the rigors of everyday use in the hospitality industry. The design is elegant yet very sturdy.


Lots of features

The integrated RFID reader, or Ordercard reader, the backup and restore button and much more make Columbus500 a versatile tool for the workplace.


User-friendly design

Columbus500 was designed specially to meet the heavy demands of the hospitality industry, and features an especially easy-to-use, intuitive user interface.


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