NCR Columbus400: Enter the premium class


The Reliable All-Rounder

Columbus400 is the newest of our POS terminals and stands out because of its extraordinary reliability and durability. The user-friendly interface, as well as fluid performance, make your work day much more enjoyable and efficient. The Columbus400 also works seamlessly with our other Orderman products.

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Columbus400 Never Lets You Down

Like all of our POS terminals, the Columbus400 was developed specifically for use in the hospitality industry and therefore boasts a very long service life. The rugged housing is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in a restaurant, while the fast processor ensures everything runs smoothly. And the many practical interfaces allow for a high degree of flexibility. The compact, space-saving footprint makes Columbus400 well-suited for virtually any workplace.

Benefits at a glance

Quality Guaranteed

All-inclusive, no-hassle 2-year warranty with Columbus400. The warranty can be extended up to 6 years.

A closed system

Columbus400 POS terminal works in perfect harmony with all of our other Orderman products, such as our handheld devices. This ensures that you have a customizable and above all an especially stable system that you can rely on.

Fast and efficient

 Columbus400 uses the latest generation Intel Celeron N3060 processor. This ensures maximum performance and optimal energy efficiency. 

Compact footprint

The power supply of Columbus400 is integrated in to the housing, which not only keeps the workplace neat and tidy but also saves a lot of space as well. The low clearance of the design makes it even more convenient for the workplace.

Networking without limits

Columbus400 offers numerous interfaces to which you can add all sorts of add-ons and upgrades. The system is highly flexible and renewable.


The perfect team

Columbus400, in combination with our handhelds such as the Orderman7, are the perfect team. The handhelds are fully compatible technically, and the stable connection over the Orderman Secure Radio ensures a smooth, trouble-free and highly efficient workflow.

Long service life

The housing of Columbus400 is constructed from a special hardened frame design that is also splash-proof and shock-resistant. This ensures the handheld withstands daily use in the hospitality sector and offers a long service life.

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