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The Sol handheld is now even more attractive

The Orderman Sol handheld offers you a great display technology for brilliant color and a graphic user interface for easy operation. The patented dual processor system supports outstanding reliability. Thanks to its sophisticated ergonomics the Sol handheld will rest comfortably in your palm – even with long work shifts.

Beltprinter interface, Ordercard function, integrated MSR- and NFC reader optional.

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All Orderman devices are designed specifically to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry. Our radio ordering system improves the speed, efficiency and profitability of restaurant operations. There is clear proof of this: The success of thousands of businesses around the world that trust Orderman technology.


You expect reliability, a solid construction and an outstanding design from an Orderman device. Rightly so. That is exactly what makes us the market leader. The Orderman Sol incorporates more than 25 years of experience in the radio ordering business. This is the reason Orderman Sol is setting standards.


Brilliant Display

Orderman Sol utilizes the most advanced display technology available on the market. Its 4.3” display offers sharp colors and vivid contrasts. With the maximized viewing angle, Orderman Sol is readable under any conditions. For a dazzling performance.

Intuitive Operation

Together with experts from the Fraunhofer Institute, we designed a graphic user interface based on the latest scientific findings and the experience of professionals in the hospitality industry. For intuitive operation. 

Input via touch screen

The freely configurable touch screen makes it easy to enter orders. Standard foods or beverages can be entered at a touch. This is not only convenient but also saves considerable time.

Perfect Ergonomics

Sol is specially designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. You have to hold the results in your hand to grasp the achievement. Elegant, flowing lines, ergonomic soft-grip surface, and an ideally balanced design – for right or left-handed users – ensure that Orderman Sol fits perfectly in your hand. Even after several hours during a busy day.

Micro SD Card Slot

Thanks to the dual processor system and intelligent power management, Orderman Sol rechargeable batteries have a service life of up to 18 hours.

Long Battery Life

Thanks to the dual processor system and intelligent power management, Orderman Sol rechargeable batteries have a service life of up to 18 hours.

Powerful Hardware Core

In addition to its appealing design, Orderman Sol features state-of-the-art hardware. Two powerful, next generation processors (pat. pend.) support and monitor each other in parallel. This provides optimum reliability and maximum performance. 

Watertight and Shock-Resistant

Handhelds aren't handled with kid gloves in the hospitality industry. The units have to withstand the toughest conditions. Orderman Sol is therefore shock-resistant and shatterproof up to 1.2 meters. It is also water resistant and dust-resistant.

Position Sensor

When Sol is held upright, for instance, if placing it in the belt bag, the unit switches automatically to standby. This saves power and helps prevent unintentional orders.

Flip-View Function

When you tilt the unit forward, the display rotates 180 degrees. This allows guests to review bills under noisy conditions or if they are foreign-language speakers.

Fax Function


The proven fax function makes Orderman Sol suitable for special requests. This allows you to write on the display field and send guests’ special orders to the kitchen or bar. 

Messaging Functions

Convenient reporting function for communicating with wait staff, bar and kitchen.

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