Next level service

The new all-rounder

10 Quality meets innovation

Tough and durable

The latest generation of the globally popular Orderman has been developed especially for the use in rough restaurant environments. The Orderman 10 is incredibly durable, even if you drop it on a tiled floor or spill beer on it.

Ergonomic and reliable

The high quality components ensure a particularly long service life, whilst
the extensive range of professional accessories enable you to adapt the unit to your needs. The new, large 6-inch anti-glare display makes sure you have perfect visibility, even in direct sunlight. Thanks to great connectivity you’re always in touch with your network, even in the toughest situations.

Contactless payment

With the built-in NFC reader your guests can make quick, contactless payments. Thanks to Android 13 and Google Mobile Services, the Orderman10 works with all popular payment apps. The powerful rechargeable battery ensures that service staff can look after guests without interruption.

Efficient workflow

The Orderman10 will not only improve your service, but your entire operation. Service staff are able to work faster and more efficiently, unnecessary downtime is avoided, billing errors are only a vague memory and communication between service staff and kitchen will run smoothly.


The most important features

Thanks to the Android 13 operating system and Google Mobile Services, the Orderman10 works with all common payment apps.

With Orderman Management Software
for easy installation and maintenance

Integrated NFC reader for fast, contactless payments.

Always a reliable connection thanks to
integrated Wifi, LTE, Bluetooth and NFC.

Change the battery during operation without having to switch off the device.

Long-lasting 5,000 mAh
rechargeable battery.

Anti-reflective display with more than 500 cd/m2 of brightness.2

Drop-resistant up to 1.8 meters.


Water and dustproof (IP67)

Ergonomic design for comfortable handling.

Unique Care Gold warranty for up to 5 years.

Automatic sleep/wake when stowed in/  or removed from the  leather pouch


As with the Orderman10, all Orderman accessories are
designed specifically for the hospitality industry
This allows you to work with maximum br />flexibility<. No matter what the day has in store for you.

Leather Pouch

Leather pouch made of high-quality leather for attaching to a belt. Stylish and safe, based on the waiter’s wallet.

Safety Cord

Efficient fall protection – this makes the Orderman10 almost indestructable.

Hand strap

For a secure grip on the device.

Charging station

Charging station for the Orderman10 or a replaceable battery. Connect up to 4 charging stations to one power supply.

The Orderman
Care System

The one of a kind Orderman warranty.

With the Orderman Care & Care Gold service products, you’ll protect yourself over many years against unplanned breakdowns and expensive repairs. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty.