Orderman9 / Pro

New standards
for the restaurant industry

Almost too good,
to be true.

With the Orderman9, you are holding the future of the restaurant industry in the palm of your hand. As the market leader for mobile ordering devices, we’ve made sure our newest handheld meets the demands of modern service requirements by focusing on customer proximity, efficient processes, and flexibility. Your staff will be delighted.

The NCR Orderman9

Runs all day – so you don’t have to.

The Orderman9 features groundbreaking technology purpose built for the
restaurant industry. Incredibly fast LTE, a great display, easy handling and fantastic build quality make it the single device for perfect service.
With our unique Care Gold warranty a long service life is guaranteed, as it protects your investment from any damage for up to 5 years. There are no interruptions, failures or stumbling stones that prevent you from providing your guests with the best experience possible.

The modern design for our new handheld generation doesn’t just look good, it feels good too. The device fits in to the palm of your hand perfectly and is easy to use, fast, and reliable – your waiting staff will never want another ordering device again. With the Orderman9, you’ll always be one step ahead at attending to your customers, making every day a productive one.

Orderman9 / Pro

Just like the Orderman9 itself, its accessories were specially developed for the specific needs of the restaurant industry. This allows you to work with the utmost amount of flexibility. No matter what the day brings.

Service Station

The Orderman9 service station ensures the device is stored away securely. It also charges the battery inside the handheld and enables remote updates and maintainance via the ethernet interface.

Multi-Service Station

The Orderman9 multi-service station is the service station’s big brother. It allows for 4 handhelds to be stored away and charged simultaneously. Remote maintenance and updates can be carried out via the ethernet interface. The multi-service station is perfect for larger restaurants.

Safety Cord

The newly designed safety cord prevents the Orderman9 from being dropped and damaged. The reliable plug-in mechanism and replaceable cord ensure that you will enjoy the Orderman9 for an even longer time.

Battery Charger

The battery charger can store and charge 4 extra batteries at the same time. If the slow charging function is turned on, the battery is charged to approx. 70% before the process is stopped. When the battery drops to 60%, charging starts again. This way, continuous charging is avoided and the lifespan of the battery extended significantly.

POS Kassen und Handhelds: NCR Orderman – speziell für die Gastronomie

The Orderman
Care System

The unique Orderman warranty.

The Orderman services Care & Care Gold will protect you from unplanned outages and expensive repairs for many years. Care & Care Gold are the all-in carefree warranty models by Orderman, covering all repairs and securing your investment.