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Operating and Care Tips for Orderman Handhelds

All Orderman handhelds are specially engineered to meet the challenging demands of the restaurant and hospitality industry. The systems are extremely sturdy, watertight and shock-resistant. In addition, they feature an elegant design and user-friendly ergonomics.

Read the following care tips to ensure that your Orderman handheld enjoys a long service life.




  • Clean the contacts before placing a unit in the charging station. Damp contacts can corrode the charging contacts over time. Use a dry and clean cloth or cotton swab to wipe clean the contacts.

  • Periodically clean dirty contacts of the rechargeable batteries with a dry, clean cloth.

  • Use a damp, moist cloth to clean the touch screen surface. Please do not use abrasive agents or cloths with a rough surface.

  • Cleaning the power supply socket: Never clean the power supply socket with compressed air or pointed objects! It is sufficient to blow lightly into the socket on occasion.

  • Cleaning the keypad area on Leo2 & Leo2plus: Please contact your specialist retailer!



  • Only use the Orderman touch pen to enter orders on the device, and never use a ballpoint pen or other pointed object. Damage to the touch screen surface may result.

  • Inserting the rechargeable battery: Make sure you insert the battery correctly. Never use force to insert the battery. Improper handling may damage the unit's housing and as a result the battery may no longer be securely held in place.


  • Use the Orderman safety cord. This prevents the handheld and touch pen from falling to the ground.

  • Check the tip of the touch pen occasionally. Frequent use can result in splintering of the touch pen's tip. Regularly replace the touch pens.

  • Use the Orderman belt bag. Insert the handheld in the bag with the display facing toward your body. This helps prevent damage to the display.

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