Leo2 - The Quick Table-Turner



As lunchtime approaches, the calm before the storm is suddenly shattered as the doors fly open – and stay open. Diners scramble for seats, groups split up to share tables with other groups. As soon as they get a chance, they switch to another table – after having placed their orders, of course. They’re all hungry and thirsty, and they’re all in a hurry. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned restaurateur break out in a sweat. Thankfully, Leo2 and Leo2plus have arrived in a nick of time – appliances specially built to match the specific demands of pressurized catering. Leo2 and Leo2plus perform best in busy restaurants where the weight of numbers at peak times means high customer turnover. Leos thrive under these conditions and really show what they can do.

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accumulation of know-how based on the real-life experiences of catering professionals

Leo2 and Leo2plus were specifically designed to operate in tough catering environments. The new Leo series harnesses an accumulation of know-how based on the real-life experiences of catering professionals – so that every Leo user can enjoy the benefits.


Large, glare-free, easily legible display

The latest LED technology ensures the highest possible display performance and clear visibility, even out of doors and under poor lighting conditions.

Extremely hard-wearing casing

Outstanding fall/fracture safety to a height of 1.2 metres. Thanks to the wear-resistant polycarbonate coating, the unit looks like new even after many years of use. Mean time to repair is minimised.

Input with PLU numbers

PLU input means maximum speed, outpacing any touch device. Units can be operated using one or both hands, which means eye contact with the customer can be maintained at all times.

SMS function

Special requests can be sent to the kitchen or bar by SMS.

Display with FlipView function

When the unit is tilted forward, the display readout rotates 180 degrees, enabling guests to read order totals for themselves. Ideal for noisy environments and for communicating with guests who speak a different language.


When the Leo2 is placed in an upright position (for example, when fitted into a belt pouch), the integrated tilt sensor automatically activates the keypad lock and the display switches to standby mode. This saves battery life and prevents ordering mistakes.


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