NCR Orderman handhelds

The ordering device
for professionals.

The perfect solution for fast and efficient service.

Handhelds for
successful restauranteurs

Hospitality handhelds with customized solutions for every area of operation.

All Orderman handhelds are developed exclusively for use in the hospitality industry. Ergonomics, design and durability make mobile handhelds what they are: long-lasting and user-friendly tools for hospitality pros. With up to 5-years of all-included, no-hassle warranty.

NCR Orderman5: More efficiency, more sales.

With the Orderman5, hospitality professionals have the chance to raise their game – to the premier league. When developing the Orderman5, we focused entirely on the features that every professional needs to work as efficiently as possible in a challenging hospitality environment. Faster, more reliable service is a given with our hospitality-specific tools, and the result is up to 25% more sales. Featuring our reliable Orderman Secure Radio, high durability, intuitive operation and 25 years of experience, Orderman5 is the secret to success for any and every hospitality professional.


Orderman5 Highlights

Perfect for every hospitality professional.

High-quality materials, clever design and the internal metal frame make the Orderman5 exceptionally durable and ensure a long service life in the demanding hospitality workplace. The unit is dust and water resistant.

The Orderman5 battery lasts up to 18 hours and can be changed in seconds at any time.

The 5” HD screen is easy to read outdoors and can be operated either with a finger or with a stylus.

Easily assign frequently used functions to the side buttons for quick access to them at any time.

Like all Orderman handhelds, the Orderman5 is compatible with leading POS solutions.

The Orderman5 ships with a 2-year CareGold service plan – with the option to extend to max. 5 years.

Excellent Service

Professional tools for hospitality professionals.

Use Orderman5 in combination with an NCR Orderman POS system and handy accessories to achieve optimal business results. All Orderman products are designed specifically for the hospitality industry and quickly pay for themselves in terms of their reliability and longevity.

Orderman5 eBase

The eBase is used for charging and for software updates (included in the delivery volume). Further, the magnetic charging contacts on the eBase allow the Orderman5 to double as a portable mini-POS.

Dual Battery Charger

The Dual Battery Charger is the perfect place to charge and store two spare batteries at once. Further, the maintenance mode funktion will increase the life of your batteries. In the normal mode, your battery will take max. 3 hours to fully charge.

Safety Cord

The newly designed safety cord prevents the handheld from being dropped. The reliable plug-in mechanism and replaceable cord ensure that you will enjoy the Orderman5 for an even longer time.

NCR Orderman7: For the most demanding businesses.

Radio ordering with an Orderman handheld helps to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency in the hospitality industry. This is undisputed. It is also well known that Orderman can help to generate up to 25% more sales. So what’s new? Radio ordering is now faster, more reliable and easier than ever before with the all-new 7th generation of Orderman handheld devices – the NCR Orderman7. Benefit from technical features and unflagging spirit of our newest champion. The reasons for the NCR Orderman7’s unbeatable quality: 25 years of experience and a high level of expertise stand behind this handheld device specially designed to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry.

Handheld_Front_O7 (1)

Orderman7 Highlights

The ultimate professional device.

Orderman7 is a must-have for complex installations. This handheld’s extensive functionality enables efficient workflows on a high level.

It is shock-resistant. And water-tight. And truly keeps out a lot. Thanks to its high-quality materials and especially sturdy construction, the new Orderman is an ideal and reliable partner for your everyday use in the hospitality industry.

The gold-plated charging contacts are integrated flush in the design and protect against external influences such as grease or liquids.

The new Orderman features a large, high-resolution 5-inch HD display. This ensures it is always easy to read – even in direct sunlight in the outdoors area or on the patio area.

The battery for the new Orderman holds up to 18 hours of charge (3150 mAh). And the best part is: It can be quickly and easily replaced – for a newly recharged battery with the same power.

Which functions do you need most frequently? Simply save them in order to access them more quickly. The new Orderman features specially programmable side buttons.

With the new Orderman, everything is right in the big picture. But the minor features are also worth mentioning: cleverly positioned notification LEDs, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, vibration alarms and speaker provide a most user-friendly experience.

With the new Orderman, you get the absolute highest quality. We not only promise this – we guarantee it: with our all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty for up to five years.

Runs around the clock

Great for your guests and your turnover.

Orderman 7 is the entry-level model, and the plus model has NFC and Bluetooth to connect to the belt printer. The MSR version features a magnetic strip reader for customer loyalty programs. The Orderman7 SC comes with scanner to read QR codes and barcodes (e.g. inventory, promotions).

Charging Station

The Orderman7 charging station is designed for smaller and medium sized installations. Often, all that is needed is a single service station for remote maintenance and the low-cost charging station to simply recharge the handhelds.

Service Station

The charging station safely houses and cleanly displays the handheld unit. It also recharges the battery in the handheld as well as an additional battery. Remote maintenance and updates can be carried out via the Ethernet interface.

Multi Service Station

The Multi Service Station is ideal for large Orderman installations. It also allows users to store and recharge 5 handhelds and 5 additional batteries.

Replaceable Battery

High-quality lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery pack with latch-lever function. In a handheld in the service station the battery pack is fully recharged within 3.5 hours, and within 2 hours in the fast-charging slot in the service station. Protection against overheating and short circuit is also provided.

Safety Cord

The Orderman7 Safety Cord with carabiner clip and patented, reliable plug-in mechanism. To secure the handheld unit to the belt.

The Orderman Belt Printer

The Orderman Belt Printer compliments the radio ordering system perfectly.

It’s the ultimate solution – small, light and rugged. The Orderman network provides maximum reliability between the handheld and the printer. Benefits for the restaurant owner: More efficient service, increased guest satisfaction, better table utilization and ultimately more profit! The Belt Printer is ideally suited for a faster workflow outdoors.

NCR Capacitive Stylus

High-quality plastic touch pen in Orderman design, suited for NCR Orderman products with capacitive touchscreen (NCR Orderman7 & Orderman5, Columbus800).

NCR Orderman Leather Pouch

Leather pouch made of high-quality leather for attaching to belt. Stylish and safe, based on the waiter’s wallet.

POS Kassen und Handhelds: NCR Orderman – speziell für die Gastronomie

Care & Care Gold

The all-in NCR Orderman warranty.

The Care & Care Gold warranty from NCR Orderman is unique in the industry. With the Orderman Care & Care Gold service products, you’ll protect yourself over many years against unplanned breakdowns and expensive repairs. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty.